The Cumbum Valley School
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School Management Profile

THE CUMBUM VALLEY SCHOOL was established in September 2009 by committed Professionals with over four decades of experience in Education, Logistics and Entrepreneurship.

Coming from a highly cultured and educated lineage of benevolent land-owning agriculturalists, the Correspondent has ensured that there is no compromise on Quality and Meaningful Education.

In this endeavor he has had the whole-hearted support of his competent Headmistress and the co-operation and patronage of the local well-wishers.

Cumbum is situated in a lush green valley surrounded by hills with flowing streams and picturesque landscapes. A village-town dependant on agriculture and mainly agro-based cottage industries, Cumbum is filled with verdant paddy fields, vineyards and coconut groves and serves as an intersection(hub) to various Tourist Spots like Kodaikanal, Munnar, Thekkady, Suruli falls, Kumbakarai falls, etc;

The CUMBUM VALLEY SCHOOL is on a spacious Campus situated on the Main Road in Cumbum on the TN-Kerala interstate Highway and therefore enjoys good connectivity and a healthy and pleasant ambience.

HeadMistress: Mrs. K.Ambrose principal

The education head - Principal- has been brought up and educated in Malaysia with vast experience in teaching, puppetry, singing, drawing, stitching, stage show and dancing. Her 48 years of experience in education and other related fields has over a period of time has given lot of food for thought and education for various age groups from different walks of life.

Her ambition is to give the best at all times in all fields and her passion is her ambition.

She has whole heartedly dedicated herself just simply to share to students what she is best at and to do better. Giving up is not her liking.....she too likes to learn.

She breaks down the syllabus to support the tutor and listener to a great extent for not to feel exerted in the class rooms.

She has published an in-house class work cum home work book (forKG's) for the betterment of the student. She has analyzed and brought out the book with at most care and concern for the students.